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Trump: 'Nobody Knew That Health Care Could Be So Complicated'

(TPM) President Donald Trump told a bipartisan group of governors at a White House reception Monday morning that GOP tax reform would have to wait for lawmakers to move on repealing Obamacare, cautioning that, "Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated."

"I have to tell you, it's an unbelievably complex subject," Trump said.

For health policy experts and Democrats who spent the last eight years overhauling the nation's health care system in the face of GOP intransigence, Trump's admission that health care is hard dripped with irony. Republicans, in the mean time, voted repeatedly to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but made little progress on settling on what their replacement would look like, a conundrum that is haunting them now.


George W. Bush opens up on Trump's war with the media, Russia and travel ban

(Today) In a wide-ranging interview that shied away from directly criticizing the current commander in chief, former President George W. Bush said it's critical for the media to hold accountable “people who abuse their power." He also rejected the current administration’s controversial immigration policy.

"I consider the media to be indispensable to democracy. We needed the media to hold people like me to account," Bush told TODAY in an exclusive interview. "Power can be very addictive and it can be corrosive, and it’s important for the media to call to account people who abuse their power."


Exclusive: Spicer arranged CIA, GOP intelligence push-back

(Axios) White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer personally picked up the phone and connected outside officials with reporters to try to discredit a New York Times article about Trump campaign aides' contact with Russia, then remained on the line for the brief conversations, Axios has learned. Ten key points:

Why it matters: The new details show how determined the West Wing was to rebut a front-page Times report on Feb. 15 that Trump campaign aides "had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election."

Who was involved: The officials reached by Spicer were CIA Director Mike Pompeo and Senate Select Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr (R-N.C), according to a senior administration official. The reporters were from The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, the official said. Spicer provided reporters' phone numbers to House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), who offered to make the calls himself, according to the official: "He was in and out of an event."


Senator: Russia investigation "may very well be the most important thing I do in my public life"

(Business Insider) After viewing classified materials as part of the Senate Intelligence Committee's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, Democratic Sen. Mark Warner told The New Yorker that he came away with a conclusion: The investigation "may very well be the most important thing I do in my public life.”

The Senate committee launched its inquiry after intelligence agencies determined that Russia was involved in hacking the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's campaign in an effort to aid Trump's bid for the presidency.

Fearing the Trump administration would suppress information concerning the investigation, Warner — the ranking member on the committee — and six other of its members sent a public letter to President Barack Obama three weeks after the election requesting he declassify "additional information concerning the Russian Government and the US election."

"My increasing concern is that classification now is being used much more for political security than for national security. We wanted to get that out before a new administration took place," Sen. Ron Wyden, who also sits on the Intelligence Committee and signed on to the request for declassification, told The New Yorker. "I can’t remember seven senators joining a declassification request."


Most Who Voted Third Party Approve of Trump

(Political Wire) A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds that 44% of Americans approve of President Trump’s job performance, while 48% disapprove, “making him the first president of the post-World War II era with a net negative approval rating in his first gauge of public opinion.”

Very interesting: “Mr. Trump’s approval rating may have been worse were it not for support from a surprising corner of the electorate. His job performance won positive reviews from 55% of respondents who had voted for a third-party candidate in November, who didn’t vote at all or said they supported Mr. Trump mostly to oppose Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.”


"Trump Slump": Immigration Debacle May Cost US Tourism Industry $3 Billion

(Mother Jones) It’s known as the “Trump Slump.” And I know of no reputable travel publication to deny it.

Thus, the prestigious Travel Weekly magazine (as close to an “official” travel publication as they come) has set the decline in foreign tourism at 6.8%....On the web, flight searches for trips heading to the U.S. out of all international locations was recently down by 17%....According to the Global Business Travel Association, in only a single week following announcement of the ban against certain foreign tourists, the activity of business travel declined by nearly $185 million.

International tourism contributes about $100 billion to the US economy each year. If that declines 6.8 percent, that's $6.8 billion. If you figure the Trump Slump is a temporary thing, maybe it's more like $3 billion or so.


Chuck Todd: 'We Declined' WH's Offer to Send Deputy Press Sec. as Guest Instead of Senior Official

(Mediaite) During today’s broadcast of Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd addressed the audience and explained why there was nobody on today’s program representing the White House.

“As we always do, we asked the White House for any of a number of senior officials to join us the morning,” Todd noted. “Especially Cabinet secretaries; we always ask for them.”

He continued, “Ultimately, instead of suggesting a senior administration official or Cabinet secretary, the White House offered a deputy press secretary. And so we declined.”


Great op-ed from Kristof in the NYT's today. I particularly enjoyed this paragraph

"Trump howls at the news media, not just because it embarrasses him, but because it provides an institutional check on his lies, incompetence and conflicts of interest. But we can take his vitriol: When the time comes, we will write Trump’s obituary, not the other way around."


'Thats Not Acceptable': John Kasich on Republicans Who Want to Completely 'Get Rid' of Obamacare

(Mediaite) Speaking to host John Dickerson, Kasich explained that it is imperative that GOP members of Congress reach across the aisle to Democrats to get a health care plan that provides enough coverage for Americans.

“I mean there’s going to be a problem in the House of getting anything out of there that still provides coverage to people,” Kasich noted. “That’s why the Republicans have to reach out to some of the Democrats. I don’t know whether that’s going to happen.”

When Dickerson asked why that would be a problem and pressed Kasich to explain if further, the Ohio guv expanded on his thought. “Well because I think there are some very conservative Republicans in the House who are going to say just get rid of the whole thing,” he stated. “And that’s not acceptable when you have 20 million people, or 700,000 people in my state, because where do the mentally ill go? Where do the drug addicted go?”


Spicer Complains About Misreported Birthplace; CNN's Tapper Trolls Him With Birther Reference

Earlier today, the New York Times put out a report about Trump’s continued feud with the press, his past relationship with tabloids, and his frustration with leaks in his administration. Even though co-writer Glenn Thrush says he emailed Spicer to ask about certain details of the Times‘s story ahead of time, Spicer took issue with a certain aspect of the content:

Sean Spicer ✔ @seanspicer
For the record @nytimes @grynbaum can't even get where I was born right and failed to ask

Enter Tapper, who added this bit of snark to the conversation:

Jake Tapper ✔ @jaketapper
I imagine it must be really annoying when someone puts out false info about where you were born. Must really bother you!! cc @BarackObama


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Yemen SEAL Raid Has Yielded No Significant Intelligence: Officials

8 hrs ago - Last month's deadly commando raid in Yemen, which cost the lives of a U.S. Navy SEAL and a number of children, has so far yielded no significant intelligence, U.S. officials told NBC News. Although Pentagon officials have said the raid produced "act ... (NBC News)

California demands details of Trump administration immigration arrests

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Trump's trade czar Ross easily wins Senate confirmation

9 hrs ago - Billionaire investor Wilbur Ross easily won confirmation as U.S. commerce secretary on Monday, clearing President Donald Trump's top trade official to start work on renegotiating trade relationships with China and Mexico. The U.S. Senate voted 72-27 ... (Reuters)

Appeals court won't put Trump's travel ban case on hold

9 hrs ago - SEATTLE (AP) A federal appeals court on Monday denied a request from the U.S. Justice Department to put President Donald Trump's travel ban case on hold until he issues a new executive order. A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of App ... (Associated Press)

Takata pleads guilty in air bag scandal, agrees to pay $1B

10 hrs ago - DETROIT (AP) Japanese auto parts maker Takata Corp. pleaded guilty to fraud Monday and agreed to pay $1 billion in penalties for concealing an air bag defect blamed for at least 16 deaths, most of them in the U.S. The scandal, meanwhile, seemed to ... (Associated Press)

APNewsBreak: Arizona House speaker won't hear rioting bill

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10 hrs ago - Patricia Arquette was disappointed to find that her sister, Alexis, was not recognized in the In Memoriam portion of the 89th Academy Awards. The Oscar-winning actress spoke with ET's Carly Steel at Vanity Fair's Oscars after-party on Sunday night ... (MSN)

Trump: Oscar Mix-Up Happened Because The Focus Was On Attacking Me

11 hrs ago - Donald Trump has an explanation for Sunday nights Oscar flub that is straight out of la la land. The president claims the organizers spent too much time focusing on attacking him rather than working on getting the details of the show right. I think ... (Huffington Post)

SpaceX to fly two space tourists around the moon in 2018

12 hrs ago - Two thrill seekers are paying SpaceX to make a trip around the moon next year. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced Monday afternoon that the space tourists had already placed a significant deposit for the trip. The travelers will undergo fitness tests an ... (CNN)

Udall floats plan to confirm Gorsuch, Garland to SCOTUS together

13 hrs ago - Sen. Tom Udall has an idea that could place both Judge Neil Gorsuch and Judge Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court at the same time. The Democrat from New Mexico presented the plan Monday morning to Gorsuch, President Donald Trump's nominee for the ... (CNN)

U.S. judge dismisses case against Wal-Mart over Mexico bribery

13 hrs ago - Mon Feb 27, 2017 5:02pm GMT By Jonathan Stempel Feb 27 Wal-Mart Stores Inc on Monday won the dismissal of a U.S. lawsuit accusing the world's largest retailer of defrauding shareholders in its Wal-Mart de Mexico unit by concealing its suspected ... (Reuters)

Mike Pence asks Indiana Supreme Court to stay out of his redacted emails

13 hrs ago - Mike Pence asks Indiana Supreme Court to stay out of his redacted emails Fatima Hussein , fatima.hussein@indystar.com Published 1:31 p.m. ET Feb. 27, 2017 Updated 27 minutes ago Vice President Mike Pence continued to fight to keep secret a politi ... (Indianapolis Star)

McConnell: Republican Agenda 'Is Exactly The Same As The Trump Agenda'

13 hrs ago - By MATT SHUHAM Published FEBRUARY 27, 2017, 3:35 PM EDT Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said Monday that congressional Republicans agenda "is exactly the same as the Trump agenda." McConnell, addressing reporters alongside House Spe ... (Talking Points Memo)

Top Intel Dem: Committee Has 'Reached No Conclusion' Yet On Trump, Russia

13 hrs ago - By ESME CRIBB Published FEBRUARY 27, 2017, 3:25 PM EDT Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, said on Monday that the committee has "reached no conclusion" about whether members of President Donald Trump's ... (Talking Points Memo)

Nazi's son returns art that his family looted in Poland

13 hrs ago - Monika Scislowska, Associated Press Updated 1:22 pm, Monday, February 27, 2017 WARSAW, Poland (AP) The son of a Nazi official has returned three artworks that his family had looted from the southern Polish city of Krakow during World War II. Po ... (Associated Press)

Inauguration Day protests spur for study of police actions

13 hrs ago - Inauguration Day protests spur for study of police actions Jessica Gresko, The Associated Press Updated 2:20 pm, Monday, February 27, WASHINGTON (AP) The District of Columbia's police department should appoint an independent consultant to examin ... (Associated Press)

Federal appeals court to consider Michigan county's prayers

13 hrs ago - Updated 1:53 pm, Monday, February 27, 2017 DETROIT (AP) A full federal appeals court will consider whether a Michigan county's tradition of Christian-only prayers at public meetings violates the U.S. Constitution. The order on Monday by the 6th ... (Associated Press)

Trump plans to cut funding for most government agencies

13 hrs ago - President Donald Trump is preparing a security budget that will ramp up spending for the Pentagon while slashing funding for most other federal agencies. Trump plans to increase defense spending by $54 billion per year, which would be a 10% increase ... (Yahoo Finance)

911 call: Bar shooting suspect said he'd killed 'Iranians'

14 hrs ago - Updated 2:03 pm, Monday, February 27, 2017 OLATHE, Kan. (AP) A bartender at the restaurant where a man was arrested last week for an apparently racially motivated bar shooting in Kansas told a 911 dispatcher that the man admitted shooting two ... (Associated Press)

Montana legislators vote against restricting media photos

14 hrs ago - Matt Volz, Associated Press Updated 12:48 pm, Monday, February 27, 2017 HELENA, Mont. (AP) Proposed legislation in Montana to restrict the news media's publication of fatal accident photographs on social media until the victims' next of kin is n ... (Associated Press)

2 receive prison for threats, slurs at black child's party

14 hrs ago - 2 receive prison for threats, slurs at black child's party Updated 1:23 pm, Monday, February 27, 2017 DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. (AP) A Georgia judge has sentenced two people to lengthy prison terms for their role in the disruption of a black child's birth ... (Associated Press)

Republicans will fail in Obamacare repeal bid: top Senate Democrat

14 hrs ago - 27 FEB 2017 AT 14:46 ET The top Democrat in the U.S. Senate predicted on Monday that Republicans would fall short of their stated goal of repealing former Democratic President Barack Obamas signature healthcare law. The odds are very high w ... (Reuters)

Man accused of biting victim's face in anti-Muslim attack

14 hrs ago - Updated 1:25 pm, Monday, February 27, 2017 MCLEAN, Va. (AP) A Virginia man is accused of biting another man's face after making anti-Muslim slurs in a parking lot at a busy shopping mall late last year. Fairfax County police say in a statement ... (Associated Press)

White House: Yemen Raid Will Undergo 3 Reviews But 'Achieved Its Objectives'

14 hrs ago - By ESME CRIBB Published FEBRUARY 27, 2017, 2:47 PM EDT White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Monday that a counter-terrorism operation that resulted in the first combat casualty of President Donald Trump's term will undergo three reviews, b ... (Talking Points Memo)